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Technique, Squidward!
tools for success

Pillars of Success

The conjoined triangles of success, but better.

Decision Lab shortens the gap between having data and producing value with our pillars of success.

Orchestrated Technology

Don't waste hours repeating something you've already done. That's just crazy.

Technologies change, but deploying them doesn't. We have built, and continue to grow, our technology component library. Push-button deployments of vetted technology stacks to multiple providers. How? Orchestration.

Every organization and even different projects within an organization have different needs. Despite these differences, we can provide 80% solutions on day 1. How? Orchestration.

Don't waste time tearing down and rebuilding environments. Don't waste time redeploying the same technologies. Orchestration means:

  • less Operations and Maintenance costs
  • modular components that can keep pace with technology
  • easy (down)scaling when needed
  • faster time to market

High Performance Team

Why pay for 20 engineers when it only takes 4?

DL Team

Traditional Companies

Decision Lab provides drop-in Dream teams ready to go. These teams consist of hand-picked engineers with hard to find skillsets that are available immediately. Each member is a multi-disciplined, fully-dedicated decision engineer.

Our teams work to not only deliver a complete solution but to build partnerships!

Process / Approach

This ain't the Wild West. Success is born from order.

Day 0

Get started and get going, fast. Deploy infrastructure and begin designing the data pipeline.


Define the scope, model the use cases, establish the product plan. Decision Lab and you will create and approve a Critical Design Review to assure targeted success.


Create prototypes and get the product into the hands of the user. Our quick turnaround time enables feedback to make it to the product in sprints not months or years.

Continuous Delivery

Constantly improve and adjust based on you and your users' feedback.

Cross Industry Solutions

Data is data. The domain is just a flavor.

Your Business

Last Mile

Industry Data


Industry Specific Technology

Industry Agnostic Technology

Extracting insight is the same regardless of data. Like software design patterns, we have identifed big data design patterns that we apply to solutions. These patterns apply across data flavors.

Applying our patterns to common system configurations and rapidly integrating standard industry data sets Decision Lab provides 80% solution on Day 1. This allows us to focus on the last mile, extracting value from your business related data.

Solutions are built on machine and security generated data. Your custom data and logic are applied to deliver a platform that filters your vast data ocean into an insightful data stream.

Decision Engineering

We aren't just developers, we're engineers.


We love technology. As new techs rollout and solve problems better and more efficiently, we're on the front-line utilizing the latest tools. There's no silver bullet solution, but we'll find the right combination to achieve your dreams.

Data Scientists

Our core compentency is big data. In order to solve data problems, and more importantly at scale, we must understand the challenges and implications our big data projects target.

Business Analysts

Many firms will simply provide code for cost. We definitely provide the code. But, we often work with your business strategists to architect future solutions platforms. Where you're headed is just as important as where you are.

Our engineers are multi-faceted and provide expertise across domain specilizations. We like to think of ourselves as not just engineers, but decision engineers.

We architect and build solution platforms, not just single-purpose products. We lay the groundwork to continue generating value on near and long-term schedules.