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Stamp Beta

Push-button deployment of popular technology stacks to your cloud provider.

Need to spin up a new tech stack?

Stamp empowers any user to deploy complete and configured tech stacks to their cloud providers. Simply follow an easy, push-button workflow to deploy an any-size cluster in no time!

Our automated tech stack is ever increasing!

The technology you want isn’t Stamp-able? No worries. We’re constantly adding new, popular techs to our automation stack and rolling them into Stamp. Not just technologies, but providers too!


Jumpstart ElasticStack projects with this bundled kickstarter.

Get Started with Elastic Now and Easily

Ignite is an OEM version of Elastic products that includes orchestration empowering customers to lower the barrier to entry. Ignite is a flexible and customizable solution that enables rapid deployment, configuration, configuration management, scaling, and rebuilding functionality for all Elastic Stack components.

No-Hassle Elasticsearch+

Keeping up-to-date, Ignite orchestration mirrors the Elastic release schedule and offers upgrade pathing to ensure your deployment is always the latest and greatest.


The brain-child of Plexxi and Decision Lab's creative geniuses.

Plexxi + Decision Lab

Plexxi Clarity is a real-time analytics platform that provides deep insight and analysis based on sFlow, syslog, connectivity check, and other information provided by Plexxi Fabrics and other agents.

Network Intelligence at your Fingertips

Based on a highly scalable, flexible, and secure clustered database platform, Clarity provides searchable dashboards and reports to quickly isolate interesting data and problems within networks. Custom alerting and anomaly detection, powered by machine learning, proactively monitors any size network infastructure.