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We're looking for anyone and everyone to fill some critical rolls on our team. The only real must-have is that drive to solve real problems for real customers. Check out some of our available positions and contact us if you think you'll be a great fit!

Analytics Engineer

This one is pretty broad... We are looking for a wide variety of analytic expertise with a broad set of technologies. If you love to turn data dumpster fires into consumable insight, then this is the place to be. The DL Analytic Engineer uses Spark and other technologies to explore and uncover the unknown. Let’s start with a software development background and add:

  • Apache Spark (Python, Java, Scala, etc.)
  • Know Spark vs. MapReduce vs. Storm vs. Flink vs. etc. (use the right tool for the job)
  • Understand that 80% of the work is the initial data wrangling
  • Know when 95% is good enough, and when it isn’t
  • Familiar with ML technologies (MLlib, sklearn, tflearn, etc.)
  • Expertise with streaming and batch analytics
  • Know the difference between lambda and kappa
  • Understanding of analytic services available from various cloud providers

DevOps Engineer

The core of DL solutions is DevOps. We want orchestration experts that don’t even like doing something once, forget twice. If it moves, orchestrate it. The goal is to have stable, scalable, and predictable deployments for our solutions. This happens when infrastructure management meets software development. Now let’s start checking off some boxes:

  • Experience with SaltStack (or expertise with other orchestration tech and a desire to learn)
  • Python
  • Extensive Linux expertise
  • Experience deploying horizontally scalable technologies
  • Absence of Docuphobia

Full Stack Engineer

That’s a loaded, unicorn-like title. The fact is, we want web application developers that understand and enjoy working with various data storage technologies, but is primarily a UI/UX expert. Below are a couple items we want to see:

  • Expertise in one or more popular JavaScript web frameworks
  • Expertise in Node.js (+web-app frameworks, ++Express.js)
  • Know when a relational database may be a better fit than NoSQL options
  • Basic understanding of orchestration
  • Believe that there is only one good type of version control (DVCS (yeah, mostly git))
  • Experience working with end-users to solicit feedback
  • Familiar with Scrum and Kanban

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Decision Lab has 2 official locations. Most of the housekeeping is centralized in Colorado, but, our development operations hub is in Columbia, MD. We also provide employees with the freedom to work from home, or anywhere else with internet!

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